An Employee Therapy Program for All Businesses.

Finding a new therapist can be challenging and stressful. Airapy Concierge can do the heavy lifting so employees can focus on themselves.

Let Airapy Clear the Way by Eliminating Mental Health Obstacles

Accessing the Right Therapist

When an employee makes the decision to get a therapist this can be difficult; knowing where to go to find the right one creates a new challenge.

Airapy will do the legwork. Our clinicians will have a conversation with your employees to determine their preferences and mental health needs. We will search for the best therapist matches and present options available.

An Affordable Option

Providing your employees with access to mental health care tends to be costly, locking you in to large annual fees on top of additional costs per employee.

Airapy has your business and your employees in mind. We work with you to create a plan that suits your company size. Additionally, Airapy can negotiate rates with therapists on your employee’s behalf.

Improve Productivity

Poor mental health among employees can affect job performance and lead to missed work days.

Airapy Concierge gives your employees access to custom mental health by connecting them to their ideal therapist. Airapy removes the stigma and challenge of receiving therapy. Good mental health results in increased work engagement, communication among coworkers, and job performance.

Suffer from Mental Illness

An estimated 51.5 million U.S. adults struggle with mental illnesses.



Untreated Mental Illness

Less than half of those that struggle with mental illness receive treatment.



Mental Health & Job Performance

80% of employees treated for mental illness report high levels of work productivity and satisfaction.



Mental Health & Missed Days

Studies show treatment of mental illness has been shown to reduce absenteeism by about 40-60%.



What People Are Saying

“My concierge's professional expertise and personal touch reduced all of the friction I previously felt when looking for a therapist.”

Employee, Technology Industry

“Definitely use Airapy - it's easy to use and they are extremely helpful!!”

Employee, Technology Industry

“My concierge was fantastic in, as a therapist, using her resources to connect me with a few personally selected options. The entire process was very simple, extremely helpful, and a fantastic value.”

Employee, Hospitality Industry

“As someone who is new to therapy, My concierge was very helpful in explaining the process, asked me the right questions, and was prompt in her follow up with options. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Airapy to find my therapist match!”

Employee, Hospitality Industry

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