How Airapy Compares to EAPs for Mental Health Therapy

Unlike EAPs that offer broad and short-term services, Airapy provides a personalized mental health experience. A typical EAP is clunky, hard to access, and puts limits on usage.

In contrast, Airapy is transparent, featuring easy online booking, and offers unlimited consultations for our clients. Airapy Concierge has been designed for small businesses looking for an affordable and convenient mental health benefit.

Airapy: An EAP Just for Therapy

Airapy Concierge is a personalized service for finding a new therapist efficiently. During the 30 minute phone consultation, the Concierge discusses what the client is looking for in a therapist, including location, insurance, cost, gender, and specialty. Unlike other consultations whose aim is to book appointments within their own private practices, our Concierges are not limited to therapists that are affiliated with Airapy.

What is an EAP (Employer Assistance Program)?

Employer Assistance Programs (EAPs) typically offer assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services for employees who have personal or work-related issues.



Licensed Therapists Y N
Unlimited Consultations Y N
Easy Booking & Contact Y N
Affordable Pricing Y Y
Month-to-Month Option Y N
Ongoing Mental Health Education and Workshops Y N


What People Are Saying

“My concierge's professional expertise and personal touch reduced all of the friction I previously felt when looking for a therapist.”

Employee, Technology Industry

“Definitely use Airapy - it's easy to use and they are extremely helpful!!”

Employee, Technology Industry

“My concierge was fantastic in, as a therapist, using her resources to connect me with a few personally selected options. The entire process was very simple, extremely helpful, and a fantastic value.”

Employee, Hospitality Industry

“As someone who is new to therapy, My concierge was very helpful in explaining the process, asked me the right questions, and was prompt in her follow up with options. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Airapy to find my therapist match!”

Employee, Hospitality Industry

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