How Airapy Concierge Works

The Airapy Process

Step 1: Book Online

The client can quickly and easily make an appointment for a 30 minute phone call with a concierge through our online calendar.

Once an appointment has been made, the Client will be asked to review appropriate paperwork to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive information throughout the concierge process.

Step 2: Talking to the Concierge

During the consultation the concierge will review information regarding previous therapy, the type of therapist or therapy the individual is looking for, and any specific needs and preferences.

Step 3: Follow-up

Within 72 hours of ending the initial phone call, the concierge will contact the client via email to provide an initial list of three available therapists who match the identified criteria, such as location, specializations and availability.

The client will be asked to review the options and after determining the best match, and the client will make an appointment.

Additionally, if requested the concierge will provide other resources such as online support groups or information.

Step 4: Begin Therapy

If the client begins treatment with a new therapist, that’s wonderful! Therapy can assist in identifying goals and working towards them with a trained clinician that provides a safe therapeutic space.

We hope that the process of finding a therapist and starting the journey has been helpful!

*If you have not found a good therapist match and need more assistance, that’s okay! We are here to provide ongoing support. Please email so we can schedule an additional phone call with the concierge, at no additional cost to you.*

Our Services

Licensed Therapists

Airapy Concierge provides access to licensed therapists that meet individual needs and preferences expressed during the consultation.

Unlimited Consultations

If the individual is not satisfied with their matched therapist for any reason, they can reach out to the Concierge for another consultation at no additional cost.

Easy Booking & Contact

Airapy features simple online scheduling to book a Concierge appointment.

Affordable Pricing

Airapy has low cost individual pricing as well as enterprise packages that were designed to fit small and large company budgets.

Month-to-Month Option

Our business partners have the ability to use our concierge service on a month-to-month basis, no more being locked into long term costly contracts.

Ongoing Mental Health Education and Workshops

The journey is not over once a client has been matched to an ideal therapist. Airapy is here to give ongoing support by offering education and workshops to ensure the benefits of continued mental health awareness and improvement.


What People Are Saying

“My concierge's professional expertise and personal touch reduced all of the friction I previously felt when looking for a therapist.”

Employee, Technology Industry

“Definitely use Airapy - it's easy to use and they are extremely helpful!!”

Employee, Technology Industry

“My concierge was fantastic in, as a therapist, using her resources to connect me with a few personally selected options. The entire process was very simple, extremely helpful, and a fantastic value.”

Employee, Hospitality Industry

“As someone who is new to therapy, My concierge was very helpful in explaining the process, asked me the right questions, and was prompt in her follow up with options. I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Airapy to find my therapist match!”

Employee, Hospitality Industry

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